Kitchen extraction, fresh air, heat recovery and gas interlock systems.

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Kitchen Extraction Systems

Kitchen Extraction Systems

Kitchen exhaust systems consisting of an extract fan system, canopy hood and ducting are vital for air quality by removing grease, pollutants and odours, discharging these safely to an external location, while also controlling temperature, moisture and humidity. We can deliver high performance systems that maintain a clean, comfortable and safe work environment in line with HSE safety regulations.

Kitchen Fresh Air

Kitchen Fresh Air Systems

Regulations now require that extraction systems supply an adequate amount of replacement air as incorrect flueing can lead to incomplete combustion and the build up of pollutants such as carbon monoxide. We can install make-up air input systems to balance efficiently with a kitchens exhaust system. Additional make-up air options include wall, window and ceiling fans as well as grilles and vents.

Kitchen Heat Recovery

Kitchen Heat Recovery Systems

A Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) is a self-contained system that balances the air intake and exhausts, delivering filtered, fresh air into your kitchen and extracting stale, moist and dirty air with minimal heat loss, which can also be connected to other rooms by ducting. This provides energy savings benefits by reducing heating requirements while improving air quality and temperature control.

Gas Interlock

Gas Interlock Systems

G.I.S cut-off gas flow in the event of kitchen extraction fan failures. It is now a mandatory requirement when installing a new canopy, a new cooker line or layout, and with fitting of Category ‘B’ equipment such as ovens, deep fryers etc., including replacements to an existing layout.

HSE Regulations

Kitchen Extraction System HSE Regulations

Click here to find out more about how we can help you keep up to date with the latest HSE safety regulations and for useful document guidelines.

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